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“I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” — Bill Gates

When people ask me what I do for a living I always struggle to answer. There are no glamorous titles but it certainly it’s a profitable career.

You can call me a project manager, director or something similar but what I do is to find talent all over the world, delegate and then enjoy my day while others do the heavy lifting.

From Worker to Entrepreneur

I quit my corporate job 4 years ago and decided to start my own business, they say ignorance is a bliss but ignorance doesn’t pay the bills. The only way I knew was to work hard and do everything I could get it off the ground.

I had a problem I didn’t knew it existed, my problem was that I wanted to do everything by myself. No one was good enough to help me, nobody could do it better than myself.

For entrepreneurs this is a problem but the corporate life rewards someone who gets hired for one job but can wear many hats.

A Beautiful Problem

One day I ran into a problem trying to export a video, I googled the answers, asked with friends who might know the answer and was not able to solve it.

Eventually found someone that asked $3,000 to solve it, I thought it was ridiculous I knew the solution wasn’t worth that much, everything was done I just needed to know the exact setting to export the video.

He obviously wanted to take advantage but in a desperate moment I called a friend who suggested me to try freelancer.com maybe there someone could help me. I followed his advice and with a couple of minutes someone said he will do the job for $15.

I was in shock, that is 20,000% less. I started to realize I wasted 3 days trying to solve a problem an expert was able to do in 5 minutes.

A Change of Mind

I started to analyze how I’ve been managing things, I used to take pride in doing everything being the CEO, President, Account Manager, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. Because when you’re an entrepreneur you do it all.

I didn’t have to do it all, I just have to focus on my strengths and delegate the rest.

My strength was product creation, many say a strength is something you’re good at. For me a strength is something that makes you feel strong, at the beginning you might not be good at but with practice you can become great.

As with strengths I had weaknesses I hated meeting and doing sales, only when money was running out I will get out of my comfort zone and do it.

With a new plan I drastically changed the course of where we were heading.

From Baby Steps to Big Steps

In a matter of weeks things took off, I hired a sales rep who enjoyed meetings. An assistant helped me with redundant tasks and was great at getting business contacts.

This new approach gave me time to create new products and focus on growing the company. Augmented Reality was on it early stages and discovered the potential while watching YouTube videos, I mean doing research.

We build about 250+ mobile apps with augmented reality functionality. We took the advantage of being first and certainly made a lot of money.

We could scale on demand hiring more workers as they were needed.

I have a lot of respect for people that work remotely from the middle east, they worked hard and diligent. They were also able to improve their lifestyles and even help financially their extended family.

Not a Single Line of Code

It is been 3 years since I’ve touched a line of code. I have been able to outsource every aspect of my business. Not everything has been smooth, there has been some hiccups along the way but every step has made us improve the process.

It is possible to build a business that doesn’t take your life from you. It is possible to work a few hours and earn more money.

My advice is to take your strength, the special element that makes you unique and find a line of business where you can apply it. I enjoy technology and creating products, it’s on my DNA I’ll do it for free but I was able to build a business around it.

I never cared for a fancy title, but for me success is being able to do what I love and help others along the way.