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Date a Geek girl. Date that girl that’s smarter than all the other girls. It’s that girl that isn’t afraid of saying who she really is and share with everyone around her her unique view of the world. She won’t be afraid of experimenting with different looks, but will always look amazing.

The Geek Girl is that girl that learns from everything. She will never take anything for granted and will always know that no experience is a waste of time.

Date that girl that spends her money on books, videogames and even gadgets. It’s that girl that will freak out at the end of the month as she sees her monthly statement with all the apps she’s bought. But still, next month she’ll do it again.

It’s that girl that will tell you enthusiastically about a new advance in tech or science, it’s that girl that will not be afraid of a new discovery that will change all the beliefs she has.

It’s the Hermione Granger, with an answer to everything, she’s the Princess Leia, with no fear of being the leader of a rebellion. She’s Korra, with extraordinary strength and habilities, and you will always find her as attractive as Lara Croft. She will be your most loyal companion whom, like Rose Tyler, you won’t take out of your mind in a very long time.

It’s easy to date a Geek Girl. You won’t have to give her expensive gifts for her birthday of for Christmas. She will love you as much for giving her a new Kindle book asfor getting it on paper. Write her a Facebook message, an email or a handwritten letter. A Geek Girl is as fascinated for the latest in tech as for that of the old days.

She will know what commitment is and won’t be afraid of it. Her obsession with comic books, videogames or a TV  or book series gives her a good understanding of loyalty. If she tells you she loves you, she won’t hate you if your answer is ‘I know’.

The Geek Girl is the one that has a thousand ideas for doing business online that could work, and of course they could, for her creativity seems without limits. She’s the girl that will believe in your vision, whether you’re working with subatomic particles or maybe developing the next mobile app. She will always believe you’re changing the course of history.

There’s not a more passionate girl than the Geek Girl. She has traveled to worlds few have traveled to, she has fought in legendary battles and understands that reality can’t always be perceived with the senses, because she has even seen it written in code. She will write stories that maybe only a few will read, but her entire life is a story many would want to read.

She’s fluent in several languages. She will speak to you and seduce you in French. She could also recite elvish poems or even write you love letters in Java, PHP, Ruby and Python.

Find that girl that will have the courage, wisdom and power to make your lives together the most interesting and exciting. You will get married under the three moons of Tatooine and will travel together to Gallifrey and Hyrule and discover a hundred more lands.

If you find a Geek girl, don’t let her go. She will not doubt for a second to come with you on your adventure to Mordor, and she will make the road there the most pleasant one.