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This keeps happening to me I’ve to write about it. The other day I was not allowed to enter the bank because my dog was with me, I had to look in three pharmacies for flu medicine and those events of in satisfaction with employees keep happening to me.

It’s not that I want to be always right but things can be better. If employees narrow their minds to just an specific task and do everything by the book things will not grow from there nor customer loyalty.

I’m sure there are tons of entries about the subject so I won’t pretend to condense all here:

  • What if the bank teller instead of creating an angry PETA moment outside the mall just said I can make the deposit while you wait outside (after all the bank is empty).
  • What if the other pharmacy employees did as the girl at the last pharmacy telling me that they had not been carrying that specific type of medication for months… but she can gladly recommend something. She other information but she thought as a human somebody is sick lets get it better.

Is not rocket science but thinking from the other person shoes.